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SophiEcoWild – these are blog posts from events, outings and ramblings across Sussex and beyond. Topics range from poetry to history, to accounts of harvest fairs and walking trails. I was introduced to wildlife and landscape history through family walks in the countryside as a child, and the joy of wandering lanes and gazing at views has never left me. In the increasingly detached lives we live, it is easy to forget how connected we are to the land. The landscape both rural and urban bears testament to the many peoples whose lives have shaped, and been shaped by nature.

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img_7085‘The Oak By The Rife’ Local Patch Nature blogs – join me as I explore my local patch, observing nature throughout the seasons. The full patch covers a circle of a 2 mile radius from my front door in Midhurst, West Sussex, but the two main focuss areas are Pitsham Farm to the south of the town, and Stedham Village with the River Rother. Sussex has many great old oak trees, often marking the line of lost field boundaries or rights of way. A ‘rife’ is a Sussex dialect word for small river, plenty of which bisect the county, most on the patch joining the serpentine River Rother as it winds through our woods, heathlands and fertile weald.

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sam_6931The Cutty Garden Allotment blogs – I was lucky enough to be able to take on an allotment plot in February 2016 and haven’t looked back. These blogs recount my adventures, both successful and not so fruitful, and the wildlife I encounter at Plot 12, known affectionally as The Cutty Garden Allotment.
I grow a mixture of cut flowers and edibles and endeavour to cultivate with organic and wildlife friendly methods. Please also visit my Cutty Garden Allotment Facebook page.

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