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Valentine Butterflies

My better-half gifted me a gorgeous necklace for Valentines this year. Ever the romantic, he remembered me mentioning (his polite way of saying ‘waffleing on about’) my favourite butterflies were blues. Specifically, the rare Silver Studded Blues of the local lowland heath that emerge around my birthday each June. On warm sunny days late in… Continue reading Valentine Butterflies

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SFN Journal – Autumn Almanac: A Sweet Utterance

I have finally seen the bullfinches. All summer long I have heard their whistles from the long hedge that runs parallel to one of the glasshouses (of the plant nursery where I work) but they have remained elusive and disembodied. Today a movement in the bushes attracted my attention as I headed out on my… Continue reading SFN Journal – Autumn Almanac: A Sweet Utterance