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Allotment Diaries

Last week the annual invoice for our allotment fees arrived, and with the deadline unable to wait until next payday, I somewhat reluctantly transferred the required sums. I thought of the weeds and overgrown patches, the gap in the beds where my plans for successional sowing were beaten by summer heat, laziness and other distractions,… Continue reading Allotment Diaries

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(A Gardens Month blog on Frogs and Toads) From jelly-like spawn, to wriggling tadpoles, and finally hopping croaking adult amphibians, the life story of frogs and toads is familiar to many of us from early childhood. Increasingly however, contact with nature is diminishing in children’s lives, and frogs and toads are struggling too. Ponds are… Continue reading Spawned!

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4 Reasons why UK Nature Watching does it for me. 

Underrated, overlooked, and fabulous. If your yearly activities revolve around planning your next foreign escape to sun and sand, you might view growing up in a family without the fancy or finance for holidays abroad, as a disadvantage. Rather than a sun tan from Portugal or Spain, I would return from the school holidays clutching… Continue reading 4 Reasons why UK Nature Watching does it for me.