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Winchester – the Christmas City

‘Twas the week before christmas….and all things bright and beautiful, shone with festive cheer, bringing blessings of comfort and joy, in the bleak mid-winter! Today we have been wallowing in the delights of the season – soaking up some most welcome festive spirit in the gloriously ancient yet vibratingly vivid city of Winchester. Nestled at… Continue reading Winchester – the Christmas City

Sussex Field Notes Blog

Summer Adventure – Wild Rose Country

Alberta, Canada Canada. It seemed a world away. Amp had been several times of course since his parents emigrated in 2008, but I hadn’t travelled further than a school trip across the channel to France, in my entire 25years! Many people found this lack of tourism hard to comprehend, their holiday memories being filled with… Continue reading Summer Adventure – Wild Rose Country

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SFN Journal – Autumn Almanac: Return to Autumn

I popped to my Mums house, to exchange a couple of bits of shopping we’d picked up for each other. It is just a 5 minute walk around the corner, but I found myself amazed by the complete image of early autumn offered to me by the remnant hedgerows and woodland edges that soften my… Continue reading SFN Journal – Autumn Almanac: Return to Autumn